Yoga Workshops

These workshops are perfect for those looking to enhance their practice, learn new practices and gain a deeper understanding of yoga’s benefits. By participating in these workshops, you’ll have the opportunity to learn alongside other practitioners, fostering a sense of community and shared growth. Practicing in a group setting provides additional motivation and the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, enhancing both your practice and your overall experience.

”O experiență profundă și răscolitoare, facilitată de oameni minunați! Cu dăruire și blândețe, dar și cu multă seriozitate, transmit practici yoghine autentice. Recomandare 100% și mulțumiri Lavinia și lui Robert.”

Ramona Trăistaru

Private Yoga classes

For a more personalized approach, Yoga Shambho offers private yoga classes. These sessions are customized to meet your specific needs and are designed to fit your schedule and pace. Whether you’re looking to improve flexibility, build strength, reduce stress, or address specific health conditions, our private classes offer numerous benefits:

  • Flexible Scheduling: Practice at times that are convenient for you, allowing yoga to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.
  • Focused Attention: Benefit from the teacher’s direct attention, ensuring that each pose is done correctly.
  • Personalised Corrections: Receive immediate feedback and adjustments to improve your pose and practice safely.
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Corporate Yoga Classes

Recognizing the importance of well-being in the workplace, we provide corporate yoga classes. These sessions are designed to reduce stress, improve focus and boost overall employee wellness through the principles of Classical Yoga. Our corporate classes can be conducted on-site or online, making it convenient for companies to integrate yoga into their wellness programs and promote a healthier, more productive work environment.

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Children Yoga Classes

Yoga Shambho also offers specialized classes for children, promoting physical fitness, mental alertness and emotional balance from a young age. These fun and engaging sessions help children increase physical strength, concentration and brings balance to thoughts, activities and emotions. Our instructors use age-appropriate techniques and playful activities rooted in Classical Yoga to make the practice enjoyable and beneficial for kids.

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“Yoga Shambho has come a number of times to Budapest to teach Isha yoga courses. Every time they are warm and loving and respectful. Importantly, since Isha yoga practices are done alone at home after the courses, they are always ready to answer questions or clarify breathing and movement if we are unsure or have forgotten something. The most recent course they taught was for children. It was an amazingly positive experience for my daughter.”

Amrit Chima